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All training is to BSAC standards. The qualifications can be viewed on the BSAC Web Site.

Within the club environment you will have the leisure to learn at your own pace, with no pressure to complete any section until you feel happy with your training. You will also get help and advice from other club members regarding the many different aspects of diving. Throughout your training the emphasis will be on safety and fun, so that you are fully prepared to have great diving adventures.

Training does have its expenses and typical costs for a complete beginner to achieve the Ocean Diver qualification, allowing the individual to dive anywhere in the world to a maximum depth of 20m are as follows:

  • Membership – £225.00 (first year including initial books). Renewal £159.00
  • Pool training – £5.00 per week for adults and £2.50 for children for entry to the pool (Training is free)
  • Open water training – Approx £20 per day to cover instructors expenses, plus the site entry fee (e.g. Capernwray is £12 per day and a one-off membership fee of £25).
  • Theory Sessions – Free.
  • Assessments – Free

Typically you will need to do five open water dives to qualify as an ocean diver, which can usually be undertaken over 3 days.

Snorkelling – Although primarily a diving club we also teach snorkelling. This is a great way to start enjoying the underwater environment and it can often help to build your confidence underwater. Snorkellers can join the underwater hockey section of the club.

Costs of more advanced training can be provided upon request.